Battery technology developments

they need kobalt for some batteries (like electric cars) they are minded in afrique, some by children not older then the age of 10 with their bare hands. there is also an idea to mine lithium (also for batteries) in the northpole. Also we will have more heaps and heaps of toxic batteries in the future/ not easy to recycle. And 20- years ago copper was already scarce, all the energy consumption & mindless economics cannot keep up with the earth´s recources and nature…

A battery doesn’t have to be a chemical product. There are a few examples in this thread that store energy in a different way. It’s true that child labor is happening, obviously it’s wrong, I hope everyone agrees. This thread is more about technological developments in general. Solutions for child labor would be a different topic in the sense of structural violence.

Chemically composed batteries are by the way less harmful for the environment as far as I know. You can recharge a battery with renewable energy. A fossil fuel tank needs new oil for every refill.

It’s indeed also our economy, we waste a lot of energy and produce inferior products for short term profits. Structural problems are hard, unfortunately.

  • More stringent targets for waste collection, recycling efficiency, and material recovery
  • Tougher sustainability, performance and labelling requirements
  • Due diligence policy to address social and environmental risks
  • Portable batteries in appliances will be easier to replace

There is a catch though, in some cases, when waterproof design is the goal, batteries don’t have to be replaceable. So in other words, manufacturers can just sell their stuff as waterproof and there is no need to comply with the new regulations.