Calendar (meetings/events/etc.)

Community calendar

To add events to the community forum calendar, please select “Create event” in the toolbar and provide your event details. Please be aware that only users with trust level 1 or higher can add events. Also have a look at the topics in Events.

Centrally managed calendar

We also have a centrally managed calendar, which is displayed below. This calendar cannot be changed by the community directly. To change/add/remove details, please contact @DerLink. The direct link to the calendar can be found here.

Forum campaign promotion


found it! silly me had to first click reply → then click :spiral_calendar: icon right next to the :slightly_smiling_face: icon silly me! @Kees


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Fairphone Webinar on Sustainable Software


Adding a test event so that I can see how I may fetch these and add them to a custom map (probably need a different plugin for this, but let’s see). 2022-08-30T22:00:00Z