Can YOU Fix Climate Change? | Kurzgesagt

This one aligns with the TZM Train of though: individualism and personal contributions will not help enough to save anything that is coming from systemic output. I’m really hesitant to share anything from Kurzgesagt, even if most of their videos are almost brilliant, most of the time it feels like they are missing something. This time it’s less of that case.

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I really love these videos, they use entertaining animations and explain complex things in a understandable format. They indeed don’t go into the economic factor, that we need infinite growth to sustain this system. And therefore have an advertisement industry that aims to keep us unhappy with what we already have. Systemic wealth inequality, etc. etc.

I did learn some new things from this video, the percentages of what contributes to climate change for example. Maybe we should send them some suggestions about systemic change? :slight_smile:

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