China plans for naval dominance

People more or less see the US as a global power that dictates the world. We tend to forget that in the past the British, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Roman and Egyptians displayed the same behavior, but within what was possible at that time. Now with the growing power of China, we of course will see that type of behavior coming from the east as well. The question then becomes, will the world be even worse off? In my point of view the answer is yes.

Therefore, if we want to communicate this Train of thought, we should do so now. Because life will likely become more unstable in the coming decades due to climate change, scarcity and political tensions. Also in the west we wil probably see more populists in power, because of a desperate society, where these populists will implement reckless policies which likely impact our freedom of speech and movement. The time to act is now, because tomorrow might not allow it.