Dymaxsyn -- RBE/Civ-Rebuild Video Game Project

Introducing “Dymaxsyn” — a city-building, economy-managing, global Civ-Rebuild Video Game Project.

The core goals of the game are to demonstrate new systemic and technical possibility for vastly improving life on Earth to move us beyond the scarcity epoch defining human society, and to help train communities to participate in the active redesign of our troubled world, with dynamic agency in their own self organizing governance.

This “RBE/Global Redesign” Video Game project has been talked about for years in the movement, many have started projects around this and talked about realizing a game of this nature. Help support and bring this project to life by donating here:

To get involved by sharing ideas/input, and resources, contact Anna Brodsky (project lead) at:

Dymaxsyn gets it’s name from the blending of two words…

“Dymaxion” - a term coined by R. Buckminster Fuller, is a combination of the words dynamic, maximum, and tension; summing up the goal of his study, “maximum gain of advantage from minimal energy input.”…and from “Project Cybersyn” - a Chilean project from the 70’s during the presidency of Salvador Allende aimed at constructing a distributed decision support system to aid in the management of the national economy.

The Game is meant as a transitional, awareness building medium to help further public understanding of our potentials, as an initial step toward economic emancipation of communities, and liberation of all classes from access-inequality, and its resulting social problems.

The guiding principle of Dymaxsyn is to facilitate “structural satyagraha” - the design and implementation of infrastructure which supports and rewards nonviolent behaviour.


I haven’t been given response by Dymaxsyn crew. Hope they didn’t contract COVID or something…

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Still no word by the way? That would not spark good faith for the people that donated.

None unfortunately. :slightly_frowning_face:

Still nothing? Because then I don’t feel comfortable to keep this topic open and give people the impression the money will be used effectively.

There seems to be some progress:

I’ve moved this to Reports since there is no project owner on this forum and communication and activity seems sparse.