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To be proven wrong means you’ve learned something new. That should be considered a gift rather than an insult, indeed.

Thanks for the Twitter link! And good to see you’re reading so much. That inspires me to pick up a book again, I’m slacking on that part a bit. :slight_smile:

Hi there! I’m not (yet) affiliated with The Zeitgeist Movement in any way. I signed up for the forum after learning about the movement while searching for others who may have similar interests and goals to those of my own, and to those of an organization which I hope to one day register as a not-for-profit and eventually an NGO. During my search, I came across a documentary, Mind the Matrix, which featured The Zeitgeist Movement if I recall correctly, along with others such as the Venus Project. I’ve yet to post to these forums due to a number of constraints on my time and availability. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone! Thanks!


Welcome to our community.
To be fair, the first Zeitgeist documentary is not exactly related to the TZM.
But now that you have watched Addendum and read TNHRM you probably have a better understanding of our train of thought.

Oh and did you know about The Venus Project before you watched Addendum? RIP Jacque


I’m watching the Zeitgeist films because I want to thoroughly understand where Peter Joseph is coming from.

I am now reading TZM Defined, about 15% of the way through.

And no, I had never heard of The Venus Project before Addendum. Looks interesting.


Excellent! Just in case you want to listen to the book, someone also made a recording.


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I did not learn of The Venus Project until watching the Zeitgeist Addendum. I just finished TZM Defined. TVP is on my to-be-researched list.

Have you checked out The name is inspired by a poem:
The road to wisdom?
– Well, it’s plain
and simple to express:
and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less.

  • Piet Hein

Hi I know your site since the year 2010-2011, by marking on my web search engine a world without money Thank you Good day

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Hi Mick, I suppose you then mean this site? Because this forum is less than a year old :slight_smile: Could you share some more information? In the top post are some suggestions to share with the community. It would be very helpful, especially if you’re looking to do local Activism. Listing some details about your chapter would be helpful, we would then also be able to create a group and map entry for you. If you don’t have a chapter then that’s fine as well, best is then to first look for existing chapters on e.g. social-media, contact them to see if they’re still responsive and then mingle with that community. That way you don’t have to start from scratch, you then already have a list of people to contact and reboot/start a French chapter.

Feel free to contact me at any time.
I’ve been the PA coordinator for 6 years.
It would be an honor to have your help.


Welcome to the forum! Do you also have a website/social-media page of your state chapter? Then I’ll add you to the global map and create a forum group for you. Then people can more easily contact you. I would not advise to put your email address here in the open. There is some protection here on the forum against web crawlers that collect email address, but it’s not bullet proof of course.

Once I have a website/social-media page from your state chapter, then I’ll create that forum group. People can then email you via the forum, which will preserve your privacy and control over your contact information. :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, I emailed you sometime ago, but since I didn’t see a reply, I wonder if my email landed in your spam folder? You can find me at

Good afternoon one and all,

I’m normally reluctant to join anything, even in the world of social media which I grew up with as it progressed. It’s very easy to see groups form and that normally allows for dualism in the microcosm that mirror the issues of the macrocosm

As a child, I was never materialistic or felt I really needed anything. I sometimes succumbed to the ill feeling of peer pressure when other children had the clothes or the items I couldnt have. And I suppose I was fortunate in that sense. As I grew older, I come to love the simplicity of just having a roof over my head, clean water and food. In my mid to late teens, this is all in really had and needed. Was it Vernon Howard that said ‘you have succeeded in life when all you really want, is all you really need’? I had fun in between, making sure I had them key elements. There was an element of freedom from the trap of presumed responsibility. As I got older, I fell into the groupthink mentality of getting a better job, more money, nicer things. Some years ago, I re-found my love of the simple things. Finding out how we stored food, how we made bread pre packet yeast, how could i grown my own throughout the year. The seemingly little things. And incorporating these into my love of cooking and food. I started to make bread and other things for other people. Growing produce and giving it out. This simple interest evolved and it dawned on me, I feel so restricted, everything was ‘convenience’ and I felt trapped in a system I was guided Into. Before I looked into this more, I wanted to know how my mind worked and how it had been programmed to accept what was put before me. How belief systems of all types, whether it be religion, political, spirituality, monetary, and alike, had shaped how I see the world, how I act within these illusory perspectives and finally, how can I undo it. My beliefs around money and materalistic things have lessened. And as I work on these topics personally, I see how these things affect people more on a global scale. And how far we fell into this false illusory way of life and strayed further from who we are and what we can really do. I’ve come to understand that I can’t change the systems, it’s not my place to change another’s mind. But if I free myself from the illusion, people will see they can to. My love of living off-grid has grown but my false belief in the systems designed to provide ‘security’ arent completely resolved. So it feels more like running away rather than living by a true desire. So still work to be done. I came across a video that seems to mirror where my mind is at and here I am.

I am 39 years old and live in England.


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your introduction! In case you want to join/start a chapter then let us know! :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone, i am from India is there any one else from India?

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Hi @Freeman and welcome to the forum! The easiest and most effective way to get in contact with others is to put yourself on the chapter map. That is of course if you have a chapter, or want to start a chapter. Starting a chapter is easy. It can be done by creating a website or social-media page so that you can connect with people in your local area and your chapter is able to independently share information and organize in your own language. Once you have finalized this first step I’ll be able to create a chapter group, add your chapter’s information to that group and add that to the map! :slight_smile:

Then other people can spot your map marker in India and contact you via the forum. :earth_asia:

Thank you! I am so happy to join this movement. I believe wholeheartedly in the goals and hoping I can contribute a small part to seeing it come to fruition. I am an older person and wish this had started many, many years ago.

Peace and Love


Actually we started in 2007/2008 :nerd_face: This forum however is just one year old. Welcome to the forum by the way!

Hi. I’d like to get Syracuse, NY put on the map. Zeitgeist Movement Syracuse Chapter My name is Mike Colatruglio. Email I’ve been a supporter since the beginning.


Hi @Mike_Colatruglio, welcome to the forum! And thanks for providing your chapter information. I’ve added you already to @chapter_syracuse. Anyone can join that group, use it to tag the chapter, but also send group messages.

I don’t advice to put plain text email address here for privacy and spam reasons. People can message you via the forum and those messages will end up in your mailbox. You can then either reply via email and the forum will forward that message nicely without exposing your real email address, or you can reply here on the site.

I’ll add your chapter to the map! :slight_smile: Good to hear you’re one of the old timers! Do you have some interesting highlights to share? Would be cool and maybe motivates others to share more and perhaps be inspired by it as well. Then we can get this movement moving again! :facepunch:

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