"Metabolic" transition organization

Metabolic is an interesting organization in The Netherlands. @chapter_netherlands will contact them soon to know more. They also seem like a great candidate for a ZDay presentation.

As an organization striving for systems change, we are working to transition the existing global economy as rapidly as possible by working with influential decision-makers to drive sustainability stewardship and organizational change . At the same time, we are working to build parallel systems based on principles that are fundamentally different to the current one, in the form of disruptive new ventures and pilots of new governance and finance models .

They go on with:

To accelerate global systems change, we must collectively re-imagine and re-design our systems and institutions. Metabolic’s focus is on six key transitions.

The 6 transitions they focus on are:

  • Cities and regions
  • Food and Land-Use
  • Products and Services
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Mindset
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Great idea - been following them for a while and they focus a lot on the numbers and CO2 calculation on what is actually happening.

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