Redirect for the forum (in case the forum is discontinued)

As discussed in the blog post below, the forum is/was an attempt to bridge the TZM communities. I created this forum since we have no central knowledge base that is able to index and categorize information. We have many Facebook groups, subreddits, social-media pages, group chats, etc. but that fragmentation creates an issue with establishing an overview and central focus for the movement.

The forum was meant to bridge those, in e.g. groups and many more features the forum offers. As listed here.

We also had a campaign to boost the popularity of the forum. But that didn’t have much effect.

Around January/February we may celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Which marks the critical evaluation of the forum. The forum at the moment as to this date did not achieve what it aimed to do; bridge the islands in the community and become a central repository for community wide information and decision making.

This thread is created to just think ahead already. In case the forum discontinues, to what should redirect to? I would say, let’s redirect it to: Reddit - Dive into anything

That way any links will redirect people to a replacement. The downside of that subreddit is that the mods don’t seem to be active/responsive. In case there are other suggestions, let me know.


I’ll tag @kublermdk here as well. This is by no means already a conclusion of the evaluation, I’m just planning ahead so in case it is discontinued, we can have a smooth transition.

Would it be possible for you to setup one of the TZM web servers to listen for and redirect traffic to that subreddit? Or in case someone comes with a better idea and then redirect it to that. But since you have a few servers running already for TZM, it’s a small addition to add this Apache/Nginx redirect.

Let me know if you’re willing to set this up, just in case.

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This is sad. I came here seeking a path to learning more about the movement. Perhaps another dose of promotion is necessary. Attaining critical mass is difficult. People drift away when they can’t find each other, making it harder to find each other.

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Absolutely! I find it sad as well. But there are still a few good months left to make a difference as a community. But the path of least resistance seems to be group chat and social-media. Not my preference for building up a knowledge base, structure and healthy community decision making and discourse, since those tools lack many features to support that.

But it is what it is. Anyway, it’s not February yet :slight_smile:

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Michael agreed to arrange the redirect in the event the forum would retire.

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Also, if we could create a static site version of this forum I could host that as an archive for some years.
Although it’s been a while since I used something like HTTTrack, maybe that would work.

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Yes, we could. But time is stretching on my side a bit. I’ll see what I can do. In the event the forum retires.

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For now I’ve gained access to the Reddit of TZM.

I have made some basic adjustments.

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That’s cool! Maybe some other changes can be considered at some later date.

The TZM NL subreddit looks like this: