See what three degrees of global warming looks like | The Economist

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One thing this video doesn’t explain well is that we’re talking about a 3 degrees rise in global climate temperature. Climate is the weather over a longer period of time, and the global scale is also important. I sometimes talk to people and they don’t care about 3 degrees more, because if it’s 20 degrees rather than 17 degrees, then that’s good news, right? 3 degrees is nothing, let’s make it 5 degrees and the weather in NL becomes nice… But that’s not what climate change is about. It’s about a 3 degree rise in global temperature. Warming a bath tub by 3 degrees takes a lot of warm water, imagine a pool. Now imagine a planet and not for single day, but over a longer period. Then people start to get the significance. It can be warm sometimes, but also cold. But over a long period of time the climate rose 3 degrees.

It’s important we get the basics across. Because even with something simple like COVID people don’t get the serious threat because they don’t see the full picture. We’ve seen how crazy and irrational people can get by the COVID situation. Climate change is a much bigger problem with greater consequences. If we cannot communicate it well, people will protest against the climate measures, because they might not understand the reason why it’s needed.

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