Some games for thought

There are not only memes for thought, but also some games that simulate various aspects of society (I didn’t find any other RBE Game than MAIA, so they are about the current system):

  • Nova Alea: Real estate price speculation and unaffordable housing.
  • To Build a Better Mousetrap: Technological unemployment and repeated work.
  • Phone Story: The typical production and obsolescence cycle of a phone (Fairphone not included).
  • Oiligarcy: The Oil industry. Extract oil until depletion, conquer other countries and communities, and see if the people will give up on oil and embrace ecology, or there will be so much competition on oil that the world will be doomed to destruction.
  • The McDonald’s Videogame: The dirty secret behind fast-food.
  • The Free Culture Game: Commons vs Exclusive Copyright.
  • Crisis Theory: Attempt infinite growth until it stops for some reason.