Staying true to our mission | 2022 Channel Trailer | Fairphone

Of course it’s awesome that this exists! But we can’t deny the true cause of why phones are made they way they are. We have an economy build around short term consumption with social and environmental well-being second, if considered at all. In a system that rewards this short term profit behavior, you will motivate people to build stuff as they are. Almost like single-use phones, since every 6 months a new model is released, which just minor improvements. Improvements that could’ve been modules, if they can even be considered worth the resources to be produced. While these small improvements are advertised as something you must have. Often even not releasing new software onto other devices, just to make one more premium than the other. This is corruption and by motivating this behavior we’re destroying ourselves in the long run.

But, we do need projects like Fairphone to show what is possible. But we shouldn’t forget that we’re swimming against the current. The true solution to a structural problem, is a structural solution.