Thoughts on where the world is headed today

I just came across this article of the WEF (What is the future of money? | World Economic Forum) and I started thinking. What if everything we’re seeing right now is already a great transition into a sustainable society without money or at least towards a stepping stone? Thoughts?

I’m not soliciting for conspiracy stuff about the WEF, just honest thoughts.

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First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that at no time does the article speak of a society without money. Not even remotely. :thinking:

The article is confusing because at times it calls “money” strictly cash, and calls “methods of payment” other ways in which money (or anything else that replaces goods and services in order to make exchanges) is already used. In other words, it only talks about replacing the current cash. For example, what is the difference in substance between buying a gold toilet with cash or buying it with an electronic payment? :roll_eyes:

In one passage it talks about the monetary system being unfair and unsustainable, but then he names other forms of monetary system as alternatives. In other words, it doesn’t get to the heart of the matter, which is the economic inequality that already exists and cannot be ended by any form of monetary system or exchange-based society. Even less does it take cyclical consumption and its environmental consequences into account.

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“the heart of the matter” ?? The short extract does not get anywhere near to it. It adds more words that make thinking confused.

Let me try: the heart of the matter is who makes the money tokens and how they get into the economy, that is, how they get distributed.
A definition: money is a social tool functioning as an automatic rationing system. Its value lies in the real wealth that it buys
To make it simple, two extreme scenarios: Lots of money, nothing in the shops; Shops full of goods, no money.

The simplistic solution: Take money away is just that, simplistic. There will always be economic items in short supply and a system of rationing will be needed.