A finite universe with infinite growth (an imaginary story of why infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible)

In a distant corner of the multiverse, there existed a universe unlike any other. It was a universe governed by complex laws of physics that were both beautiful and terrifying.

At the heart of this universe was a finite reserve of matter and dark matter, waiting to be unleashed by the impending big bang.

When this matter has been unleashed, the celestial bodies began to exponentially grow, fueled by the gravity of faraway objects.

More matter meant more gravity, and the universe became a chaotic dance of collisions and mergers.

For millions of years, the universe was a hotbed of activity, until it reached a low density and became stable.

But stability came at a cost. Life could not exist in this universe, for it was too unstable. The universe was devoid of any other purpose except for infinite growth.

For billions of years, the universe remained black and empty, with only one accumulation left to grow. But then, dark matter was attracted to the central accumulation, and the universe began to collapse.

As the universe contracted, it formed a singularity. The universe has ended.

This universe taught us a valuable lesson. Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible. If we do not stop growing, our planet will become uninhabitable, just like this universe.

In our current universe, the laws of physics have been designed to prevent infinite growth.

Each star has a maximum development limit. When that limit is reached it will degrow and make matter for other celestial bodies.

Limiting growth is not just a Jacques Fresco idea, it’s nature.

Another example:

In a city-building game, your city will eventually stop growing (e. g. In Anno 2205, the archipelago will eventually run out of land and population growth will slow down)

But, we don’t know if black holes can infinitely grow or not, unlike other things in the universe.

However, we do know that a black hole can be bigger than an entire solar system.

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