A Fresh Reading Of Exxon’s Predictions Of Global Warming And Climate Change

The article seems written to whitewash Exxon’s image. :man_shrugging:t3:

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To give an idea of how tricky the article is, I will put a quote from the IPCC contradicting the attempt to deny the relationship between global warming and climate change:

"Risks in the near term (2021–2040)
Global warming, reaching 1.5°C in the near-term, would cause unavoidable increases in multiple climate hazards and present multiple risks to ecosystems and humans (very high confidence). The level of risk will depend on concurrent nearterm trends in vulnerability, exposure, level of socioeconomic development and adaptation (high confidence). Near-term actions that limit global warming to close to 1.5°C would substantially reduce projected losses and damages related to climate change in human systems and ecosystems, compared to higher warming levels, but cannot eliminate them all (very high confidence)."


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Exxon is a fossil fuel corporation. As a company of this type, it is not appropriate for them to make climate declarations, as this will inevitably lead to false information meant to protect the interests of the corporations and fossil fuel advocates.