A website that classifies sources according to whether they are evidence-based or not

Media Bias Fact Check itself it’s a good start, but it can also be a bit biased when judging whether a source is left or right leaning.

Yes, it is very difficult that there is no bias. In any case, that classification between left and right was not what I was interested in showing or highlighting on that site.


Anyways, when it comes to credibility, it can be accurate.

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Ground News may show the left/right bias. But I personally don’t see the point. Both news sources can be right. The physical world is not left or right. But it can be helpful to know if a news source has a bias. But then I personally would not check that source. Journalism should be about impartial reporting of events.

MBFC is a useful tool.

For example, when making an argument, linking the sources you are using with fact checks is a way of being less likely to be denied by a skeptic. It does not prevent denialists from denying your argument altogether, but it makes it more trustworthy.