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maybe we need schools of thoughts now and make it cool, I would say fashion.

During the ¨industrial¨ revolution, many people left the countryside and started to work at cities in factories; their children needed to adopt the routine. With so many people now, and alot of work automated by machines we don´t nééd to work that much anymore. (they say native tribes worked like 4 hours a day, and that was enough). i think the transition should be into more 6 hours days and 3 or 4 days a week working. More time for our friends and family and do charity work. Ok, you might make less, but who needs a 2nd car, 3 times a year on vacation and the postman working like a slave to suport us with trinklets every week ?. I think it´s better we go back to the beginning where parents have freedom to teach their own children values and honor. The system is ¨overworked¨, too much stress, too much nonsence, too much noise. people should be able to relax in their own neighbourhood, a start would be by placing more benches. simple !, ah and yeah like in finland reduce the speed on highways. And what is happening here is more and more (small) foodforrests where local communities work together & learn.

peace out,