'Apocalyptic' Short Student Film

Just wanted to share something I made this year,
Its my first effort at something on these lines… there’s still lots to learn but it did free me up a bit in terms of making something different and wanna be provocative.

I’d be glad to hear opinions and such.
*theres a tiny TZM easter egg in one of the shots- see if you can spot it :wink:

theres still work to be done im not 100% satisfied with some things thats why its not public yet.


The atmosphere, effects and audio are really great, the visual shots were also nicely done. However the story was kind of bleak and unexciting. Does not make you want to watch more. This kind of visual piece would be great for a quality music video no doubt.

Very nicely done, indeed the effects are great. You should make more of this, if you enjoy it of course.

Thanks for taking the time.
yeah I can see what you mean, it became more of an experiment in film rather than a straightforward storytelling kind of film, the effort that went into the world building and atmosphere was lacking in the actual characters and story… as i said im learning :sweat_smile:
Also it was important for me to shoot these almost one-shot scenes which was also limiting, so in terms of cinematography its almost like an essay approach… which is a choice i had to get out of my system I guess.

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:pray: :pray: thanks

I think ill do something quite different next time. But I’ll surely come back to this at some point


I’m not sure if I spotted it by the way, only the quote in the beginning. And the Z on the suitcase that said “Join Us”. Did I miss more?

Yeah its much smaller than i intended but in the shot with the girl there’s a copy of “The New Human Rights Movement” on the shelf :stuck_out_tongue: