Apple thinks modularity hinders device longevity. We don’t

In a recent interview, Apple’s new head of hardware, John Ternus, was asked whether it would be conceivable to make iPhones even more modular and make them as easy to repair as a Fairphone. 

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It’s a justification on why to not make apple devices last longer.

Apple claims that they want durable devices, but the reality is opposite.

By making devices more modular, they are easier to repair, therefore, reducing the number of sales per minute, and the head of a large OEM would not want to reduce SPM in favor for repairability.

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Indeed, the anti-economy needs constant growth, constant consumption. Having a device made to last does not compute in the current economy.

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And the anti-economy also requires that consumption is not only constant but really fast, because those who don’t compete the fast and cut-throat way are theoretically losers.

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