Banana Circles – Growing Far More In The Same Space

“In the tropics,” said Bill Mollison, “plough agriculture is totally inappropriate… For a few years we can hold nutrient perhaps but then it will go” [1]. In March 2022, we […]

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It’s almost as if TVP has given up on looking for structural solutions. Because these seem like local solution, not continuing the work of Jacque. Which was revolutionary new architecture and analyzing human behavior. Growing berries, mushrooms and stuff like that is more like a commune rather than a system redesign on a global scale.

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They must be kidding, The Venus Project can’t have become just another permaculture farm. :cry:

In addition to having strayed from the path, they are not even doing anything innovative. Most community living initiatives are based on the same thing. What are they trying to prove with that?

I wonder what Jacque would think…

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