Big Tech companies are making their core products worse — on purpose


Facebook, a website ostensibly for finding and connecting with your friends, constantly floods users’ feeds with sponsored (or “recommended”) content, and seems to bury the things people want to see under what Facebook decides is relevant.

This is the reason why I recently closed my Facebook account. I hardly saw any organic posts anymore. Unliked/unfollowed basically all pages, but Facebook just fills up the void with suggested posts and sponsored stuff. That’s not social-media anymore :clown_face:

As for search engines, Google is still the best, even with those sponsored search results. Been trying to use DuckDuckGo as my main driver for the past 2 years or so. It works, but it’s not that amazing. Even when using the DDG Bangs, it works for specific searches only, where you sort of already know where to look.

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