Bringing the message to the main stream

Hi all, not sure I’m posting in the right place. I have been thinking about ways we can spread the train of thought in a non obvious way with out upsetting people.
Having 4 small children who to my horror are slowly being conditioned to the money world, I want the tools to stear them the other way. 1 way I’m thinking is to have kids books, from baby picture books to teen fiction, that are set in an rbe. There are more and more books now about the environmental issues and social issues, so just expand on that. If they see what could be they will carry it with them and make changes them selves as adults. I see it as a ‘head start’ in our train of thought. What do you guys think?

“The Best That Money Can’t Buy” isn’t really made for kids. But it has a lot of illustrations and it well explains a new direction.

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I have bought my two daughters this book. They enjoy it - to the horror of their mother. :sweat_smile:

Apart from that, we decided we will get into praxis. We are moving away from the city and starting a self-sufficient commune ourselves. Unfortunately my comrades lost interest and steam when I was depressed and now don’t want to join so It’s just our family for now, but I’m sure once we’re rooted and survive for couple of months, the rest will follow. Sure there will be some money involved but we will try and make it as little as possible and keep our consumer needs and exposure to consumer propaganda (advertisements) to minimum - we don’t have TV and don’t intend to. Just the satellite radio so that we can catch some eastern music and the ads are just some buzzing we can’t understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice. I will get that book for my 8 year old as she loves reading. You say your wife wasn’t sure? After a few weeks now of coming to terms with this all I have decided to pack my business up and stop playing the bull shit money game. I want to live a natural life without money. I am sitting down tonight with my wife to talk about the future! I don’t think she is going to come with me on this and she will want to stay in this bullshit life with the kids! Really hard! Huge life change coming up! Any tips on how I deal with this? I don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to even if it is distructive and false. She is to conditioned to see the other way.

Well I only got my wife (we are both gen-y) and sister (gen-z) on board. Both are horrified of the possible shitshow that is collapse of industrial capitalist civilization. The rest of friends and family is more or less in denial. I keep informing them though from time to time on the most important issues - mainly big things that will get to the mainstream soon like food price index going through the roof and general lack of everything. I tend to browse r/collapse and r/futurology for some info. But not too often, because this thing will only annoy and scare people - only the most relevant stuff.
Also, yes. Although they are conditioned, or maybe we are all even built to deny reality, we still need to do our thing because it’s right, repeat ourselves patiently from time to time, and hopefully some will join along the way. Zen buddhism is what keeps me in shape for quite some time and, as I learned yesterday, it might be what kept PJ together too.