Building Parallel Systems

I was formerly part of an international team to create sustainable developments in cooperation with indigenous tribes. Our global operations were shut down in 2017 and I ended up Stateless as a result.

I currently reside in the Philippines and am actively seeking executive and administrative people to assist in the implementation of projects in cooperation with the Tribal Government of the Philippines and parallel economic and sociological systems.

Hi and welcome to the forum! An effective way to find other people is to start a chapter. Then people can more easily find you and then you may organize these projects easier on a local level. Check out the map and what it takes to get added on there. Thanks for considering, it doesn’t take much effort to setup a chapter.

@kublermdk lives in the Philippines as well, maybe more people involved with TZM. Having an overview on such a map greatly simplifies this kind of networking.

Oh wait, there is already a @chapter_philippines, just no members yet here on the forum. Feel free to add yourself.

Thank you. It does seem a bit quiet here, but I remain hopeful.

True, people visit a lot and signup, but interaction seems low. But it’s easy to make a difference :nerd_face:

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If it were so easy to make a difference, I would be doing it already. I have worked with Jan Hak in the Netherlands, from Hak Industries, but I dare say, not much of it was viably sustainable, and more in line with advancing within the present system.

We also have people in Costa Rica, Mexico, the USA, Australia, and a couple of other locations but not the right people.

The answer does not lie with government, but care must be taken not to turn that beast against us, lest we be forced to submit or disappear. Rather, I think a global or international corporation under the ownership of a central foundation is a more viable solution. Unfortunately, corporate types generally do not focus on start-ups.

Let me know when we get to the easy part please. LOL

Making a positive difference in the world is indeed hard, since we have this system that rewards behavior that often damages society and the environment :frowning: But I was referring to the TZM community, not much is happening for some time, so in that context it’s easy to make a difference :slight_smile:

Do you by the way have a website or something? Sounds like you’re busy on a professional level.

I built for one of the foundations I am involved with, and another one for another foundation I am on the board with who focuses more on Sustainability, but the only data I have is mine so it is not posted there.

Unfortunately, all the groundwork has been laid and while we have people out trying to secure deals, closing anything has remained elusive.

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Impressive! There was a guy in TZM with similar high aims.

He got quite far, also talks with the UN. But in the end there were too many obstacles to get where he wanted to be. If you need any help, let us know. Maybe we can do something.

I was part of a global team working with indigenous tribes around the world. I was the project developer there. We actually had a large global project going until it was taken over by the proverbial powers that be … personally I believe because we developed a system that would work.

My thoughts are to begin with Municipal Solid Waste elimination in the Philippines which according to Asia Development Bank is a 300 Million USD per annum business in Metro Manila and a billion dollar a year business domestically. This would be owned by the foundation and build the basis for funding of the rest.

Yes. I need help. I have laid the groundwork, we have some of the tech in place, but I do not have a team to get the projects going. While the Philippines is uniquely well-suited in some ways, it is challenging in others. My other projects the people I went to for funding just took the projects as profitable ventures and left us out.

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