Chapters in the UK

I am shocked there is no chapters in the UK? Have you heard of anyone over here?

The UK used to be one of the most active chapters. Some people moved on to other organizations or goals and others lost interest in the train of thought for a variety of reasons.

I’m not entirely sure, but maybe @Woody can tell us a bit more about how things are going in the UK. There are still people interested, but I don’t believe there is much activity.

@Jay131278 maybe you can convince some more people from UK to join the forum. There are some Facebook groups you can try.

Happy to kees. How do I find them? What organisations have the UK chapters moved to?
I don’t have many friends, but the ones that think the same I with certainty see if they want to join in!

I think these 2 would get you started.

The first one is a global group, but for sure has many people from the UK.

I know some people moved to The Venus Project or work directly with organizations in terms of sustainability and science.

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