Climate Change Is An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why


Not just entertaining, but also highly informative. For instance, I had always seen in climate literature that accurate temperature readings around the world had been available since the 17th or 18th century, but never knew that they came from British ship logs, as they sailed the seven seas.

He does a great job of explaining in detail (1) how we know the planet is warming, and (2) how we know why it’s warming and (3) what is causing it. I knew about the earth’s axis wobbling due to the gravity of other planets, but never saw so much detail about the maximum and minimum tilt, the correlation of tilt to surface temperature, and the chain reaction where a slight tilt towards the sun warms the ocean enough to make it release CO2, which then raises the temperature enough to warm the ocean enough to make it release more CO2, etc.

I also did not know that we are already in an axis phase of moving away from the sun, which should be cooling the earth.

If we stopped emitting tomorrow, I wonder if the lingering CO2 would stave off the next ice age for a couple thousand years. The end of omissions, after the time lag due to CO2’s long lifespan in the atmosphere, the next ice age is inevitable. Besides needing a new economic system to relieve our present pressure on the atmosphere, we also need one to be resilient in the phase of the future ice age, which is due to arrive in less time than the time from the dawn of the Neolithic to the present.

Seventh generation thinking isn’t even enough.


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