Co-initiative method

This video explains the co-initiative as well:


Fascinating idea.

Wish it was tested more.

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My take on that would be to try it for the next global zday event. It’s always a surprise where these events take place. A bit more transparency would be great.

It would also push chapters to already think ahead about a plan. Because with the co-initiative, you would describe the basic setup of the ZDay you may offer. Location, ticket fee, seats, recording/stream capabilities, potential speakers in mind and such. Being able to host a ZDay fully in English is a must in my opinion as well when you opt for a global event. Live translation takes the fun out of it for me. But yeah, that’s me :slight_smile:

With that information we can compare this with other chapters. Then all chapters may of course continue their ZDay idea, but we’ll select one as the global event based on how well prepared they are and what they can offer :slight_smile:

Having a global event in the spotlights is great for publicity. We then as one global movement promote a single event, which then takes it up a notch compared to previous ZDays (in theory). So it might also act as an inspiration for other chapters to do better. And might also bring up the question in the general public; “is there a ZDay/chapter in my country as well?”

And having the planning transparent might also help other chapters to organize their events, because they then have a template/runbook for such an event.

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There has been some reviewing going on already in Google Docs. But let’s move this method forward by reviewing it and then approve when all feedback is processed. Then we can actually use this to arrive at decisions as a community, when needed.

For example for the TZM 2.0 project, there aren’t many people involved other than the small group that’s working on it. It would be cool to finalize the proposal for this co-initiative method and perhaps work on TZM 2.0 as a community? How does that sound @DerLink, @bjk and @kublermdk?

For reviews I proposed that 3 chapters involve themselves with this. Any chapters willing to help out? For example @chapter_lithuania and @chapter_poland are quite active here on the forum. Still, these aren’t many people. Maybe you can ask more people to join the forum and the chapter group?

The more people join the discussion, the more it becomes an inclusive decision.

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I’ve just asked people on TZM Poland group if they fancy helping out with that. If not I’ll proceed to do it alone regardless starting on July 4.


Equal Reply pegged to The Constellation Model : A TZM Proposal - #16 by sabtu

placing forth some initial, (very brief) marks made on @Kees very fine grain scribe on Co-initiative method - #3 by Kees

Revolution Now!,

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I’ve moved this one to the Approved subcategory. It has been a long time. No real objections have been made. Fine tuning has been done collaboratively. We now just have to use it and adjust there when needed.

Suggestions to use this for:

  • Global ZDay events (people describe their event, resources such as venue, cost, seats, streaming capacity, etc. and then the best one gets the honor of hosting the global event)
  • Major changes for the movement (so we’re not talking about chapter local things, but e.g. a new chapters guide for everyone)
  • To iterate that again, co-initiatives are about changes that affect the whole movement

It’s a method to remove the inner conflicts within TZM, which are not rare and very damaging. This method is about describing a problem and formulating a solution in a collaborative multi-phase fashion. Not based on opinions, but based on measurable/verifiable data. Removing the need for a GCA type of group that decides on things.

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