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inspired by a proposal? Getting our bearings on the co-initiative | Zeitgeistbeweging Nederland

Proposal paragraph

In my co-initiative proposal I mention the courses to get everyone on board with the same set of methods. This could start off with something simple. People watch this lecture of Jacque Fresco in their own free time. When people watch this lecture, they write down the 5 most interesting quotes they hear. We then discuss these in a long session in a group of max 8 people.

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  1. so I would like your participation in an experiment. Some of you might be able to tell what it is that I draw on the board before I finish and if you know what it is, interrupt, say “I got it!”
  2. You are amazing! That’s not an… Where’s the alarm clock? Well, anyway if she didn’t call that, if she wasn’t able to call that I would have put the little legs on it, the clock, the hammer everything until somebody called it.
  3. This is an attempt to prove that all of us are capable of making decisions and arriving at a conclusion without all of the information prepared for us. That is a unique quality in human beings: We can put things together. We do not require the accumulation of a great deal of information. In this system, if you understand the system quite well
  4. If you as a baby were raised by the Seminole Indians you would behave (if you never saw anything else) like a Seminole Indian. If you were brought up in any other Indian group and you had feathers in your headgear and you were dancing around the fire and I walked over and said “That’s ridiculous! Why are you dancing around the fire with the feathers?” You don’t take your hat, throw it on the ground and say “I never thought about it that way.” We can’t do that. We are victims of culture.

watched in a Gootube Invidious frontend