Community acronym overview

The table below provides an overview of acronyms used now, or in the past. These acronyms may often become normalized over time by long-time activists. But can be confusing for newcomers when acronyms are not used much anymore, but are still referenced in old videos or documents.

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Acronym Description
TROM The Reality of Me
FCN Free Collaboration Network
NLRBE (Natural Law) Resource Based Economy
DIYTP Do It Yourself Transition Plan
POM Physical Object Money
TL[0-4] Trust Level
ZMF Zeitgeist Media Festival
ToT Train of Thought
TZM The Zeitgeist Movement
TZMC The Zeitgeist Movement Community
ZDay Zeitgeist Day
ZFest Zeitgeist Media Festival
PJ Peter Joseph
NBR Net Benefit Rewards
LTI Linguistics Team International
GCA Global Chapters Administration[1]
GCT Global Coordination Team[2]
TVP The Venus Project[3]

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  1. The GCA has been discontinued since around 2017 ↩︎

  2. The GCT was never brought into use and was meant to replace the GCA ↩︎

  3. TZM and TVP split in 2011 ↩︎