Confused on how to create new chapter

I read the Chapter creation guide. It is mentioned to email at I emailed and there was no response, I think the email address given in the guide is not correct.
I want to create a chapter at Bangladesh. I searched up if there are any chapters here and found one Twitter account which was last activated at 2015. Give me some suggestions what I should do next.
I am a 10th grade student. I had the dream of living without money, everyone have each other’s trust, kinda like heaven on earth from childhood. I always thought how could I make this dream a reality. Recently found out Venus Project and discovered that Jacque Fresco also had my dream and already dedicated his life on this. There was no way to support on his project, found out that I can work on my dream by supporting Zeitgeist Movement. So I am here now.
I can’t create events or something like that now. But I can create social medias for chapter Bangladesh, tell my friends, manage small website and etc. Maybe in coming years I could handle events…

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Hi @md_azizul_bari, welcome to the forum! :tada:

The documentation in #pdf format can indeed be out of date. I’ve updated those topics with a warning about this. Thanks for pointing this out. The best solution would be of course to update these docs, but we don’t have access to the source material (i.e. the original document that was used to export the PDF).

That email address is likely not monitored anymore. It’s best to direct your question in Support, your instincts were correct to do so :slight_smile:

The first step is indeed to check if there are already active members in your area. That Twitter account you found is likely still connected to an email address of someone. Did you already sent that person a message? Otherwise, feel free to create a new social-media account wherever you think that may be (can also be on multiple platforms such as Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

That’s already a great start! And you’ve come to the right place where we can help you set these things up. When you setup this website, please make sure you use an open-source CMS that has support for RSS. That way you can automate your activism better.

What made you believe you cannot support TVP anymore? Did they mention something like that to you? As far as I know, you can still support TVP.

But let’s get to what you’re really asking here, you want to start a chapter. In a nutshell, let’s try these few steps.

  1. If you haven’t done so, please first check this introduction page, mainly the orientation guide video
  2. Create your social(s)
  3. Leave an introduction about your chapter with the URLs in the the introduction thread, then I’ll add you to the map as well and create a forum group

After that we can assist you with setting up your website as well. We have a big @it-team that can help you out.

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Thanks for taking out the time and giving such detailed reply. I understand how hard it is to take time out of our daily slave works of society to earn living… So really appreciate your efforts… We will reach out goal of creating a great world for our next generations​:blush: ok I am on to create those socials… Have a great day brother :heart:

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Hi @md_azizul_bari.

Have you seen this group? The Zeitgeist Movement Bangladesh | Facebook I don’t know if it will be active currently, but you could send the request to join or try to contact the administrator (Ahasanul Basher).

However, the existence of that Facebook group does not necessarily mean that there were active members of TZM in Bangladesh or people who understood the train of thought well.

It’s easy to find people who have misunderstood what TZM is about. In my opinion, to spread RBE and the train of thought it is extremely important to always be willing to learn not only from the material that Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph have created, but for example from these recommendations: The Zeitgeist Movement - Global | Facebook


Thanks for letting me know. I haven’t seen that group, it didn’t appeared in the search… I sent join request and yes you are right. We should always be open to knowledge.
Have a great day🙋‍♂️


This should help :slight_smile:

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