Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

When Zeitgeist The Movie came out I was very much convinced that it was an inside job. Today I’m not so sure anymore. A few years after watching the first Zeitgeist movie I started to broaden my horizon. I found that many things were half truths, forced towards certain conclusions. Not the full scope was objectively discussed. At least, that’s how I see it. The video below gives a nice overview of the common arguments that it was an inside job.

Details aside, it actually doesn’t really matter if it was an inside job or not. Why? Because if it was, we have a structural problem that neglects human lives and is accepted by culture as being “normal”. And if it wasn’t an inside job but Muslim extremists did this, then we still have a structural problem that neglects human lives and is accepted by culture as being “normal”. The proposed solutions by TZM are still valid either way.


Some 9/11 Conspiracy Theories are a little more advanced.

One theory for example is:

In general, a plane never disintegrates completely.

If Flight 93 that crashed into Shanksville has disintegrated completely, due to the general fact, that flight may have not crashed there.


9/11 has been a bit exaggerated, and the War on Terror is just another way to evoke fear which results in obedience.

Well, that’s the thing. Just like other conclusions in the conspiracy videos, they are selective with what images are shown to us. In the debunking video you also hear people saying things about WTC7, such as that it only had minor damage. But that’s because most, if not all conspiracy videos only showed the undamaged side of the building. And the building also didn’t collapse at free fall. There were also no explosions when the building collapsed. But many do believe the building was brought down by explosives.

Check out these images of a similar suicide crash by pilot at full speed:

The difference with flight 93 is that this was a rocky mountain, so the plane couldn’t burry itself. But as you can see, not much is left from that plane. There were also large pieces found at the flight 93 site. But yeah, the conspiracy videos didn’t show them. Or speculated that those pieces were placed there after the crash. Seems like a forced conclusion to me.

But anyway, as I concluded in the topic, it actually doesn’t matter what story is true. In all variations of the story there is only one conclusion; we need a new socioeconomic system.

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The pieces that conspiracy theorists didn’t show in Flight 93 existed:

An important question is what was the reason behind the attacks. The answer remains “unclear”. If the terrorists wanted to kill the largest amount of people possible, they would have done the bombings inside a residential building.

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Are those the pieces from flight 93?

Found them on Wikipedia. They are very likely to be from Flight 93.

The images are in public domain because they are part of the US Government (or someone in the government decided to publish the images)

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