Disassemble Librem 5

A preview of what might be possible if we only had an economy that motivates and rewards sustainability and efficiency. It will take time and effort before devices like the Librem 5 will be a mainstream option. The hard and software needs to mature more and also the app ecosystem needs to grow, with e.g. an app like Signal and a reliable navigation app. But this transition will only be possible in the long run if we decide to switch to open-source software today. Without that support, that future will have less chance to succeed.

Some core advantages that flirt with the resource based economy train of thought:

  • Open-source software and mostly open-source hardware as well
  • Software support “for life”
  • Modularity allows hardware upgrades and replacements, increasing the lifespan of the device

A side note, you can install this forum as an app in any browser, including the browser on the Librem 5. Meaning that this forum leads the way in breaking out of the privacy/closed-source hell of Android/iOS/Windows.

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