Dutch national conference for a circular economy (NCCE22)

This is the 4th national conference to talk about the transition towards a circular economy. There are no real plans to escape the infinite growth paradigm, so it might be not that effective. But it’s great that at least we’re exploring this direction on a government level.

The event will take place on 2022-02-07T08:30:00Z2022-02-07T16:00:00Z. The event will be in Dutch.

Translated the description from their website:

Monday 7 February 2022 is the day! Then the fourth National Circular Economy Conference will take place. Under the heading ‘All Circular!’ we will discuss online what is needed to bring about system change from a linear to a circular economy.

Companies, governments, social organisations, knowledge and educational institutions and many people are working hard on the transition to a circular economy. Still, many adjustments are needed in thinking and doing to ensure that our economy is fully circular by 2050.

The online conference offers inspiration, encounters and new energy for a day. With a varied and interactive plenary program, a wide range of sub-sessions in which we get to work, and matchmaking that allows you to expand your circular network.

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