Education System and learning

I think that universities and other courses don’t really teach much compared to if you work voluntarily in any real projects or something. The Edu system mostly has a structured curriculum and most of the time students don’t understand how to connect the material with real world things. And also they don’t really know how to use the things in real world so they are mostly demotivated during learning, but in real projects students can ask the mentors what things are needed to be learned in order to solve this problem, or they have to figure out that by researching. In this period all really focus on the topics and enjoy the process of solving the real world problem. What do you think about it?
But there is only one problem with this, structured system tells us what are the things student know about, but in project based learning, labeling things are really quite difficult, and even if we successfully labeled the things, we won’t be able to know in what level the person have learned, as structured edu have it’s levels of math and etc like middle school level, high school level etc. Just trying to say that it’s complicated.
And how will the edu system look like in RBE? Do we have to be force feeded lectures again?

I consider myself lucky, the university courses I took were a very good fit for my interests. Of course sometimes it was tough and not always the direction I wanted to go. But they were mostly useful. My masters was even on the topic of engineering open-source systems and everything that evolves around that. It made me appreciate open development even more. It’s hard to find things like that, because these educations are not tailor made, they’re quite general.

We can only speculate. Of course there are still mandatory requirements for some professions. E.g. if you want to be a doctor or a nuclear power plant engineer, for sure you need to pass some critical exams, also for other skills you need to pass a qualification to ensure quality and safety. But in general you can enjoy the open-source nature of education and I suppose it will work a bit like Kahn academy.

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khan academy is great, no money needed, you can master whatever you want, give as much as time you want, if you give a wrong answer, study and give the test again and again. But schools are like if you fail you are death and for Bangladesh if you get below A+ forget about any jobs… even the A+ ones don’t get jobs often…

Wow, that really sucks! :frowning:

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