Electric Vehicles: Will they save or destroy us?

Although the video is quite complete, it fails to mention that for the extraction of lithium, ecosystems and freshwater reserves are destroyed in some places. This is already happening in South America, where there is more lithium and where environmental regulations are almost nil.

It’s a topic that is not usually talked about, so here I leave a report that explains the environmental impact in Salinas Grandes (translates as “big salt flats”), in northwestern Argentina.

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Sodium batteries are indeed an interesting development, didn’t know it wasn’t so suitable for electric cars.

One thing the video doesn’t mention, and is still a major reason for people to rally to TZM is that it doesn’t mention a different kind of economy. Electric cars and renewable energy are the solution for the wrong question. We try to replace combustion engines, as the woman also says in the conclusion. This is not realistic. There aren’t enough resources to sustain such an infrastructure. We need a different economy, based on localization and doing more with less. Designing more efficient cities, so that people don’t need to own car.

But for some reason, the more obvious the solutions proposed by TZM become, less people are getting interested or involved.


Electrical cars are “cool”, but in a circular city, if I can travel by monorail and/or on foot, there is no need for such a vehicle.

If there is no need of an EC, then there is no need to extract lithium for those.