European Electricity Review 2023 | Ember


Woohoo, at least we are frontrunner in Solar!

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I can still remember people complaining 10 years ago that solar would never work in nl, because not enough sun. Probably we have installed a lot of course. But it seems to do its job just fine.

It’s important to reduce the usage of fossils in any way. nl uses a lot of solar, but still generates most of its energy using fossil fuels, so it isn’t a significant achievement. It’s progress, but more needs to be done.

I thought that ro generates most of its energy using fossils and will do so in the future, but this graph shows otherwise, that the percentage of renewable energy in the national grid is just above 60% (greater than 50%). It is probable that the amount of renewables in that country will raise.

The significant achievement arises when renewable energy generation is more than 50% (or 60%) of the national grid.