Forum integration with 3rd party applications (Discord and Telegram)

Hi @DerLink, I’ve moved this request to the forum so it will stay on the radar.

As discussed 2 weeks ago, it would be cool to integrate the forum more into the other many islands we’ve created. Specifically this is about Discord and Telegram. This integration will allow information to flow easier to other islands and make it effortless to keep the movement up to date as a whole.

Let’s do Discord first. All that needs to be done on your side is to create a channel named “Forum feed” in “Community updates” and then click in the Discord “server” settings on Integrations then Webhooks. Then click Create Webhook. The rest I can configure on the forum side. :slight_smile: This will take only a minute of your time. Please send the webhook as a PM here on the forum (then I’ll receive an email notification, Discord doesn’t do that) since it’s sensitive.

More information about these steps with extra details can be found here: Set up Discord notifications with the discourse-chat-integration plugin - admins - Discourse Meta

After that we can do Telegram.

Hi @DerLink, we’re repeating the same conversations again I’m afraid :frowning:

It’s been a month now, it really is just a one minute job. If you’re really that busy, please consider delegating the task to someone else. Perhaps @Woody or @kublermdk?

And if not, do you have an ETA? Thanks!

Thanks @DerLink and @Woody for arranging the Discord webhook!

Next step is the Telegram integration. For that a token and chat-id is required, please PM me this token, since it’s sensitive, thanks!

More info: Set up Telegram integration using the discourse-chat-integration plugin - admins - Discourse Meta

I don’t want to be “that guy”, but this does make me “that guy” :smiley: It’s been 20 days again. For Telegram it should be the same, just a few minutes of following the guide. And in case a desktop client doesn’t work, I suppose the web interface will work just fine. But I don’t know how that is with Telegram, never used it. But with Discord the web interface does work fine. Just a friendly reminder.

Any ETA or other kind of update @DerLink or @Woody?

@DerLink or @Woody? Any ETA?

I should ask… Will the Telegram integration bot be posting to the channel every time someone makes a new post or reply?
I’m not sure we want that. It’ll quickly overwhelm the existing channel which doesn’t get much usage. It’ll be seen as spam.

But we can give it a trial period.

Message me on Telegram and I’ll send through the token and details.

Hi @kublermdk, the thing is, I have no idea how Telegram works, since I’ve never used it. If it’s a single channel, then yeah, it will be too much spam. I will configure it just like on Discord, only the new topics will create a post in the channel. So more or less 1-3 messages per day. However, when an RSS feed is added, it could spam 10 messages all at once. It’s possible to send a message about every reply, but I don’t see the point of that. Notifying about new topics is the goal, which I also did on Discord.

So yeah, if Telegram is only one thread, then spamming it with posts from the forum is not ideal. Is there really just one channel? If so, then it would be best to skip Telegram integration. And in that case we can close this subproject :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s a single channel.
If you don’t even have a Telegram account and aren’t on the channel then I’m certainly not going to be adding the integration.

Having a summary post a day or something would be good, but I doubt the integration bot would support that. Also we’d only want user created posts, not the RSS feeds from other services.

Screenshot of Telegram Group

The goal is to bridge all the islands we created over the years. By having this bridge, we can unify the movement more. Expected result is that our actions and voices will be louder. Having an account for all these islands is eating away time and effort, just to communicate :slight_smile: We can use that time better.

But since Telegram is a single thread, then it would be too much spam. I’ll close this issue.

True, that’s not supported unfortunately. The forum does have digest emails once a week if someone doesn’t login to the forum. But yeah, then people need to signup.

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