Gamified Universal Basic Income (GUBI) and an NFT for Peter Joseph

TLDR: I’m part of an organization that you’d likely be interested in learning about. I’m convinced it has the same forward-thinking appeal as The Venus Project did back when TZM first started promoting it.

At the very least we’re currently doing a celebrity NFT project for charity where celebrities/influencers/public figures can claim a free NFT of themselves, and sell it to the highest bidder in hopes that the celebrity will do something positive with the money they receive. If someone is in contact with PJ, and he’s interested, I’ll have an NFT made for him, and he can claim it, sell it, and do whatever he’d like with the money.


Long-time fan of TZM since its origins w/ Addendum. Dabbled in TZM street activism in Michigan, still listen to PJ’s podcasts, absorbed pretty much all TZM-related content, yada yada…

I currently work with an organization known as The Singularity Group. We’re a dedicated group of ~50 people in Germany that have very similar aims as TZM: pushing humanity forward in the most sustainable, rational way possible.

Lately we’ve been primarily focused on our mobile game, Clash of Streamers, that’s been in the works for five years now. The game is the first of its kind with a “play to earn” system where players accumulate “crypton,” a currency in our game, and, upon donating their currency to charity, receive an equivalent amount of GUBI (gamified universal basic income) in return. GUBI is a cryptocurrency that can easily be exchanged for fiat currency, allowing players to “cash out” with their earnings from simply playing the game. The game also has full blockchain and NFT integration and is already available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. (LoL, this is starting to sound like an ad.) Either way, we’re a very data-driven organization, and our current statistics show that the game is going to be wildly successful. It’s already in the top 100 top-grossing adventure games in the US Google Play Store, and I think it’s top 10 in the countries we’re currently heavily targeting with ads, namely Indonesia and the Philippines. The crazy part is we haven’t even started pumping big money into our ads yet.

It’s not just the game that’s novel and interesting. Our organization is comprised of people who had no prior experience in the gaming industry, and most of which had no prior coding experience. A large part of our success comes from our organization’s founder, Bachir Boumaaza, better known as “Athene” in the public sphere. He’s a figure much like Jacque Fresco in that he’s dedicated his life to organizing projects that prove to have the biggest impact possible given our current resources. He’s already helped raise 25 million dollars for charity and has a tremendous philanthropic track record. Casually speaking, there’s gotta be something up with his brain. The man does not, stop, working, and from what I’ve gathered he’s been going at it nonstop for many years. Then again, we all work pretty hard at this point, so it’s definitely a collaborative effort.

Ok, you’re probably thinking “Yada yada, what does this have to do with TZM?” I had the thought that it might be interesting for TZM to partner up with an organization again, similar to what we had with The Venus Project. Back in the day, I remember it being quite a nice synergy to present information about an RBE and also show The Venus Project as something “tangible” and novel that’d catch people’s attention. And there are many aspects of our organization that I’m sure would be intriguing to the average person. For one, our building is technically a church. We found it easier to donate more to charity by starting a religion, so we’re technically “coding priests” in a sense. There’s also the fact that no one here takes a profit. Athene himself doesn’t even own a bank account. Minus the cost of maintaining the building, this ensures that 100% of our profits go to forward-thinking projects. And it’s not just generic “charity.” Every single dollar is strategically spent in a way that pushes system change rather than temporarily alleviating problems that will eventually resurface. Again, speaking casually, we’re a kewl group of nerds that are about to dominate the UBI scene. (And yes, I know that UBI is just a band-aid, but it’s a nice stepping stone that gives people the opportunity to find out about TZM in the first place).

Alright, enough chitchat. Let me provide some useful links for you guys: ← The organization’s website. EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO PRIOR CODING EXPERIENCE the door is open for dedicated individuals who want to work with us to make a difference. Our group functions in a way that constantly pushes for efficiency and consistent improvement in our workflow. It’s truly unique.

Athene and Gaming for Good | Save the Children ← Athene has already helped raise over 25 million for charity without taking a penny. He could literally be kicked out of our building at a moment’s notice because he doesn’t own a single thing. He’s a literal hobo in a technical sense :stuck_out_tongue: ← Our mobile game. So much innovation has gone into this project. No other game on the big mobile stores has full blockchain/NFT integration yet. We’ve already been contacted by multi-billion-dollar Chinese publishers who want to publish our game in China. We’ll eventually be a billion-dollar organization, no doubt.

GUBI (Gamified Universal Basic Income) | Mobile Minigames ← GUBI (Gamified Universal Basic Income) ← GUBI is tied into our other philanthropic cryptocurrencies, Purpose (PRPS) and DUBI (Decentralized Universal Basic Income). Once the money starts coming in from our game, we’ll fund exchange programs with people from developing countries. They’ll come here and learn whatever skills they need to develop big projects that they can then implement in their own country. These projects will be fully funded by us. That being said, our plans always remain subject to change based on what will have the maximum impact. We’re very flexible!

Stream Most Confrontational Real Talk Ever (Podcast #75) by Athene Real Talk Podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud ← Athene’s podcast. It’s been a couple years since he’s put out a new episode, but a lot of people that came over here were influenced by it. The linked podcast (#75) is one of his more controversial episodes, but they’re all pretty direct.

Twitch ← Athene currently streams daily on Twitch, revealing our progress as an organization, along with most of our financial data coming from our mobile game. We’re extremely transparent with the details of our organization/projects. ← One of our side projects, and another reason why I’m writing this post. If someone is in contact with Peter Joseph, and he’s interested, I’ll have an NFT made for him and he can claim it and sell it for money. I can’t emphasize enough that there are no strings attached with this. We don’t want anything from him. We also have an event coming up that will push the project’s popularity, so it’s in Peter’s interest to claim his NFT early.

Alright, that should be enough links to get anyone started if they’re interested. If TZM is potentially looking for a project to get behind, or a partnership that could bring relevance back to the movement, I can’t recommend this organization enough. We’re already gaining relevance. We have a “working solution/product” with very promising potential for system change. We don’t take breaks, so we’re able to outpace most organizations/companies. And we have some of the most dedicated people you can imagine. Please consider applying to become an official member, especially if you currently have coding experience. I can guarantee that if you’re dedicated and serious about having an impact in the world, no other grassroots organization on the planet mimics what we’ve put together here. I’m Fargoth#6423 in the TZM discord if you wanna message me with questions. I’m also up for having a casual chat if you’re really interested in learning more about us. Ah, and one more thing I just thought of: we eat completly plant-based here! How sick is that :smiley: !?


Btw, congratulations on Zeitgeist Day 2021 in Mongolia!!!


Hi and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I probably will be able to read your entire post in the coming days. I did read the TLDR (thank you for that), PJ is not registered on this forum. It’s best to contact him directly: Contact — Peter Joseph | Official Website

We cannot talk/reply on his behalf.

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Thanks for the reply! No rush with reading the post. It’s definitely lengthy. Thanks for the link too. I already sent him a similar message through that page, but I found this forum and figured I’d post something. Thanks again!


Have read the lenghty, wants to leave a half baked post in this thread just to be part of history!

Sent my bit, encourages the movement to break the inertia

Sent my second bit, somewhat with more heart into the mix. – holder of 20 PRPS1 xD

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Now for the daily Universal Basic Income reminder of Europe Citizen Initiative.

Back to the topic

TLDR: It’s a parody and exploitation. A scheme, that’s all it is.
I really do not understand why this this thread even have more than 60 words.
I’ve read more than everything in this post and it was enough the minutes I’ve started.

Damn. This Athene guy really hit rock bottom.

This is what you actually send to the Peter:
(Some content for the next Culture in Decline, a gamification)

This is the best the Peter could do with all this. (Incredibly catchy tho)
Sorry, we do not scam people here.

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Peter is extremely busy and gets loads of messages. Let’s not add things to his already congested workload :slight_smile: The topic starter already sent this question to Peter. We cannot answer it for him.

Thanks for the reply Vaidas. I watched the video you posted. KiraTV is entitled to his opinion, and you can plainly see how he’s decided to interpret our project based on the clips he used. You’ll notice that multiple times throughout the video he says “I can’t substantiate any of these claims.” If that’s the case then please provide evidence that does substantiate the claims he’s making. Otherwise, you’re jumping to conclusions and violating the TZM code of conduct by disrespectfully dismissing the post as a scam, and personally attacking the individual(s) in question.

In many respects, the project does sound “too good to be true,” but I can assure you that the project is legitimate. ~50 people didn’t volunteer their time for five years - for some people it’s been much more than five years - just to make some random guy rich. I can also assure you that no one here takes pride in making another generic mobile game among the thousands of generic mobile games out there. We do it because it’s the fastest way to get funding, and people are going to play mobile games regardless.

Either way, here’s a video of people already making money by playing our free-to-play game. These are random players who simply tried our game out and took it upon themselves to promote the project because of its legitimacy: Paano gamitin ang Streamer talents plus other tricks para kumita kaagad? - with proof - YouTube

Also, you dismissed the post without any concern for the NFT project, which is a separate project that’s unrelated to the game. I find it funny that you posted a video of Carlos Matos, because he’s already claimed his NFT and has a bid for $10k. So even if our game is a scam as you claim, the NFT is still something that Peter can claim and make money from.

Again, thank you for the reply, and thank you for your time.

It’s not based on the video alone, I’ve looked up everything myself.
And if you even for a few minutes go through any lectures of PJ, you’d know that anything that goes with trading schemes or narcissim does not align with anything in the movement.

This one is a proof of itself:

Well let me just say that for the past few thousand years people did just that and currently we (in this “modern world”) have thousands of corporations and vorious workplaces with thousands of people doing just that for decades and decades.

That’s exactly what people do these days. It’s either you create a business or you go slave away for some business in the Market game.

CEOs, CTOs, founders do not get flooded with money on their own out of nowhere, it’s mostly what you get from the exploitation and not usage. Right now we have Elon Musk and Bezos and others that just show how the scheme of your business does nothing but make you rich in the Market game. There is nothing that Bezos or Musk did that would translate into the future or scientific progress. These examples should give red flags to anyone in the society.

Look I don’t care about schemes nor anyone should. There is currently UBI citizen initiative that does not zombify people to play some mindless game and I’ve mentioned it already

This this I’m out. This is clearly top notch comedy. I have no interest in making more replies.
I rather do anything else. Thanks for making my day tho.

I haven’t been able to read the whole thread, sorry about that. But a quick skim gave me the indication that this might become a heated discussion. I therefore enabled the slow-mode for this topic. You can only reply every 4 hours for the coming days. This is to ensure people can think a bit longer about their comment.

And again, let’s not assume we know what PJ thinks or would say. We can have solid assumptions, but at the end of the day it’s up to PJ to reply to the questions directed towards him. :slight_smile:

I’ll be less busy by the end of the week (can’t promise though). I’ll read the stuff with some more attention then. Stay healthy and be nice :nerd_face:

Thanks for the response Vaidas. Maybe I did a poor job communicating our organization’s vision but rest assured our hearts are in the right place. Science, logic, rationality, and data drive every decision we make, and if it’s not in the best interest of those who are most in need, then it’s not in our interest. I’m very busy too, and I had no intention to start an argument. I’m simply a long-time fan of TZM and thought a potential partnership of sorts might be able to breathe some life back into the movement. If anyone is curious to learn more about us, feel free to message me. Thank you for your time.

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