GARDENING; A compulsory subject

This is a short poem I wrote way back. I have it dated 1985. I’m thinking it was a bit before that. I titled it ‘Men’.
The mental entity,
Probing in darkness God’s eternity.
Answers revealed to muted vessels
of violent reaction,
Common voices withdrawn to
mental enibriation.
Spirits in painful reclusion as the
damned souls rejoice.
False feelings of misconceptions,
seaonal powers herald the planets
Forces of extremes, cancer the waters
of this stream;
Flooding torrents drag those near.
Consumed in debris of material scour!

I was relatively young and had no one to share my frustrations with. In fact I had little trust in anyone.

Now, you may be wondering about the ‘GARDENING’, well, we start with gardening the mind. A little understood word to describe such an immense thing. But it all starts there.
And our sad history shows that our gardeners have been constantly pillaged by the mindless marauders forever.
This needs to stop. And using there methods will never work. It’s the energy thing, ‘for every action there is an opposite and equal action’, or more precisely, the action you let go will come back in equal force to you. Jesus said it in so many ways it’s embarrassing.
I know it like this; you let anger go, you will get it back. You let love go, you will get Love back. Now how simple is that, and yet many don’t get it, and many still think that employing violence is a loving way of correcting their children, and as such everyone else?

Growing children is no less than Growing things in the garden. It starts with the intent, then the soil. Intent to grow life causes one to Think of the soil we must pre-pare, to grow good plants that we are. Now this is a science in itself! Nurture, the word, the way of expressing Love.

I wrote an essay in 2006. I feel it is appropriate here. I realize I am talking to the converted, but I am from off the hill, and I have different ways at looking at things that you can never find in a town.

Man’s Industry!

I guess, a dilemma for me is the fact that many industries need never have existed, if we were more of an attitude to understand the nature of things, and utilize the natural consequences of energy flows to our good advantage, we would grow.
We have been at War with ourselves, which we call nature. We seem oblivious to this fact. When the soil is gone, so are we.
The most prolific producers of humus, that becomes soil is the tree. And it is the tree that will help us overcome many physical challenges we have in front of us all. The tree is a most amazingly created entity we have as a resource, and I don’t mean dead. We must get over killing everything.
And we must realize we are on the most advanced space ship there ever was or will be. Our science discovers that which was always there, yet we were unaware until it was identified. This is our life! It seems we are slow learners, easily led astray or fixated.
So, we are ‘space men’ also, all traveling at a great rate of knots through the universe every moment of time. Of course our construct of time is our movement through space. Yet there are many completely oblivious to this and in fact it would frighten them to know, that we are space-men. Acting like parasites.

If you go to ‘educate’ in the dictionary then find down a bit what would be the root of that word ‘educe’, - Bring out, develop from latent or potential existence; education- to draw out. I never experienced any of that, I guess the so called teachers never bothered to look up their profession in the dictionary either.

So why do I believe GARDENING should be a compulsory subject?
Because we all need to eat and slavery of other’s is against us all.
And if we are all gardeners first no one would be hungry and we would have a better understanding of ourselves and hence this planet we call earth, that these bodies are.

Shall sign off for now, but shall be back
With love,

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