Generating AI Art Using Stable Diffusion

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I add some options for those who only want to use it occasionally or do not have a computer with the minimum requirements.

:one: A website that allows stable-diffusion v1.4 to be used, by entering a prompt, but without the ability to change other parameters:

:two: The website where stable-diffusion v1.5 can be tested, but with a limited number of tests per account created:

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Two more options to use Stable Diffusion:

A prompt search engine that allows you to explore hundreds of sample images:

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The beginning of the end for graphic designers?

It is very likely. In the short term, what is certain is that designers will be replaced in some tasks, and that will create unemployment in the sector.

At first, the AIs that create images will be just another tool, just like Photoshop (for example). Later on, it may be difficult to say that it is the designer who handles the tools, as the designer could become just another tool in the design process.

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You can also run stable diffusion locally:

Designers will not be replaced.

AI Image Generation is imperfect, and it is difficult for it to make images that are farther away from what it was trained for.

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