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This handbook is intended for anyone who wishes to host Open Science training events or introduce Open Science concepts to discipline-specific training events, in order to foster the uptake of open research practices. This includes researchers, librarians, infrastructure providers, research support officers, funders, policy makers and decision makers. This handbook is also meant for all those who have regular or occasional contact with researchers (and other stakeholders) and wish to share their Open Science knowledge, either as part of their regular working duties or as an extra investment of time. Importantly, it will be of use to those who wish to host training events to foster reuse, participation, efficiency, equity, and sharing in research, regardless of whether they ascribe to (or even wish to use) the term Open Science.

In this handbook, we define “trainer” as any person wishing to run an Open Science training event, regardless of their levels of experience. Importantly, this includes those who would feel uncomfortable or do not wish to use the Open Science label in their teaching. The book contains advice on teaching concrete skills and concepts to improve the work of researchers. And while most fall under the umbrella term “Open Science”, they needn’t be taught as such. Wariness of the label “Open Science” might mean that “Open Science” training only attracts a particular segment of researchers, whereas “How to publish your data” training attracts a more diverse group. Part of a trainer’s job is to define their target audience and how best to reach them, and so such decisions are best made by you!

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Essentialy it is a book on a Open Science Basics.

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