Help setting up local tool share

Hi, so thinking this is a no brainer! I have seen there are groups doing this but it seems a big thing to set up. I was wondering if it could be more simple, like setting up a FB group? I currently live in a small village. We have FB groups for other things, so I think this would work well. I Would need to explain how and why (opportunity to share our train of thought!) But Im just wondering about how to tackle the ‘brakedowns or damaged tools’ issue. Can Anyone give me a good contact to discuss this more with and find out the pitfalls?

Hi @Jay131278, thanks for creating a topic about this! :slight_smile: But what is exactly the project here? Also, please update the title of the topic because “Tool library/share” is too generic. Please make it more specific so that there is no confusion about other similar topics.

If this is really a project, then please update the top post with the details listed there. Then it’s clear what the project is about and what direction you’re planning to go in the near future and what you already arranged or still need. Then the community can step in and help out. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: Thanks for fixing!

I think @Mark_E_Prosocialize can help you out with some advice and experience.

Project Transform Our Libraries begins!
The goal is for our libraries to expand what they offer to borrow for free beyond just books. In a world that transcends markets most of what we use we will keep somewhere like a library to be shared with others while we don’t use it. Many libraries have already started to do this so all we have to do is suggest it to them and describe the idea and a path forward. We have prepared all this for you so all you have to do is send it to them by:

  1. Search for the email of as many libraries as you can.
  2. Use this prepared text to email them and present to them the idea. CryptPad
    And that’s it! Super easy!
    If you want to also go to the library in person and help them with the project or answer there questions about it all, then for sure you will succeed. If you are shy or far from the library, sending them this email might be all they need to get started on their own.

I also manage a page to promote the expansion of such Free Collaboration Networks and a global directory of them.
I am looking for help.

If you want to help I can tell you exactly what we need help with or you cam just take initiative inspired by what the page suggests or adding to the wiki.

Looks cool! Hopefully that can help and inspire @Jay131278

But why do you use CryptPad for these kind of things? Wouldn’t the forum be easier to collaborate, share and find this information? :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! Just what I wanted. I am going to try and get this up and running. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for your efforts! Let’s push things forward!

I have created a project thread for this Transform Our Libraries


Yeah! I silently dream about such a thing in my neighbourhood. The wear & damage is the biggest thing. I’d personally be afraid that what I rent may have some about-to-break part and despite all the due diligence, it’d break and me having to pay for it. :worried: Would any insurance company take it up? :thinking: In the end they insure e.g. cars no problem.
I’ve had a quick check online & it seems there are such insurances and don’t seem to be expensive either. What stage are you at @Jay131278 ?

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