Hey Bill Nye, What If the World Were Run by Scientists and Engineers?

Scientists and engineers won’t look for laws to “solve” issues. Instead of putting a speed limit, engineers automate cars so that intelligent driving is possible. Without having a driver that drinks, looks on his/her phone, gets tired and whatever problem we have and have a law for.

Politicians are not problem solvers.

What we need is a sensor network and map our resources and make decisions based on that. Not talk about carbon tax and other BS politician solutions. We need a different system, not based on infinite growth. Because we have a planet with finite resources, infinite growth is utopian. Cancer is unlimited growth. Politicians won’t address this, because it’s too controversial, which doesn’t get the votes. So politicians say it’s okay, please consume more to help the economy. Scientists would speak up and address the problem with verifiable evidence.

We could loose politicians for a year and nothing would change. When we would loose scientists and engineers for a year, our world would fall apart.