How to filter topics based on activity in my country?


The main language on this forum is English so that we communicate as one community. This forum is intended to create a bridge between all TZM chapters, therefore it’s needed we write in a common language. But if everyone writes in English, how do I find someone that might live in the same country? This thread will help you with this.

FWI: The only category that allows your native language is Reports, but that only applies to posts that are automatically created by our friendly @Louie.

Custom tags and forum groups

So how do you filter topics based on your country? This can be very useful if you want to set alerts for these topics or want to get an overview of activities. This can be done with custom tags.

You can request these custom tags together with a forum group, here.

With a custom tag you can filter topics based on activities in a country, such as nl. And with a forum group you can notify and contact people in a team or chapter, such as @chapter_netherlands.

In order to keep the amount of custom tags to a minimum, we only create country tags. Not city, province or state tags. The selection tag menu would otherwise become a mess. We use the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes to standardize the notation.

But why country tags?

Wait, aren’t we a movement that advocates to outgrow the outdated notion of nation states in order to align ourselves more with natural processes?

Absolutely true. But what would be the alternative? GPS coordinates? :slight_smile: Don’t focus too much on the cultural baggage of countries. We would still have a need to specify a region of land on Earth. A country is a region where people share the same language(s) and live relatively close together. Therefore, they can meet locally more easily. This helps to build local communities and work on Activism.

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