Infinity Maps to organize information about the movement

Hey all,

I’ve been following The Zeitgesit Movement for a lot of time (but never saw the forum), and I’ve noted that it uses a lot of different concepts and elaborates on its vision through text well BUT lacks visual representation of all the theories/related organisations/initiatives that it encompasses.

As a big fan of TZM, I might have a good solution to remedy this situation that the german start-up Infinity Maps proposes.

We’ve developed a revolutionary zoomable visualization technique (and tool to go with it) - where you can organize all your concept information into one big zoomable knowledge map - to help you develop better concepts and communicate them faster.

I believe that this type of project would definitely benefit from mapping out its activities and projects for the future as we can create teams that develop a map and share the map to a wide audience afterwards.

The reason why I’m mentioning this tool is that:

  • it’s for free
  • we can work collaboratively on a map in-real time
  • we can create huge maps (10.000x nested boxes)

Here’s a >2 min pitch video about the tool: Infinity Maps - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2023 | Product Hunt

Here is an example of a recent video that develops a book theory (close to TZM) through our tool: A Brief Introduction to a Darwinian Theory of Reality with Infinity Maps - YouTube

Let me know what you think about such an approach :slight_smile:

Oliver Juan - MSc in Sustainability Management & MSc in Behavioural Economics


Hi Oliver,

Thanks for your suggestions and welcome to the forum! The forum is relatively new, so it’s understandable you haven’t seen it before. Where did you find the forum by the way?

That tool sounds interesting for the movement. Would you consider starting a Projects topic for that and lead that initiative? We’re a grassroots movement. We build and thrive on initiatives, but they have to be done by someone :slight_smile:

We by the way do have already some organization of information here.

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Nice tool.
Few points.

  • Not Public Domain software, copyrighted.
  • Not Open Source, closed source.
  • Free version includes:
    • 3 maps
    • 50mb cloud space
    • 150 Cards limit

(This whole Infinity Maps project is based on placing cards, nesting them and linking them together, 150 cards is not a small number even for TZM)

Overall I like the idea of mind maps and anything visual.
But while testing it, I do feel the fear of losing data if the map of cards is
being maintained by a community. I’m not sure how the backups are kept and if there is any.

Not sure about the future capability of exporting this kind Infinity Map or preserving it for the future, integrating with other things and etc.

The interface is not that horrible, but it does feel clumsy sometimes while handling cards.

On the Modern Browsers and JavaScript

As always, my own offtopic plug: Browsers use JavaScript and JavaScript is a hell of a language for maintenance. (But what isn’t these days? And currently there is no choice, even if there were anything better of a programming language.

Only active choice is to transpile from a saner programming language to the JavaScript: which does detach completely the programming language from the browser environment.) (And now you have to maintain both JavaScript and the transpiled language) (So so so!)

Infinity Maps tested by me

This is a map of 17 cards, if I counted this properly.


Hey Kees,
thanks for the quick answers, didn’t expect some reactions so soon!
For info, I found the forum by navigating on the website of TZM–> Community–> Scrolled all the way down (by chance) and then clicked on forum.
Oh I didn’t know about this hub of information in the “forum” domain, thanks! Just out of curiosity, is it also accessible through the “normal” TZM website ?

I could definitely engage in a mapping project, let’s see what I come up with and if I can motivate some of the TZM “grassroots” to help me out with the in-real-time collaborative option and some discord calls.
I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile:
In the meantime, don’t hesitate to try it out and share the map of YOUR current knowledge about TZM if you like :wink:

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Nice! Good to know people also find us through that listing :slight_smile:

With the ‘normal’ TZM website you mean the official global one? Yes, we’re listed here.

Looking forward to see your input in our online community :tada: I’m unfortunately too busy, until probably Februari. But I do what I can here on the forum to keep it alive. That’s the least I can do.

Hey Vaidas,
Thanks for your quick feedback ! very happy to reply to your message so fast :slight_smile:
Indeed for now we are currently working hard on the coding side of things to make the Onboarding/User Experience as convenient as possible.
Indeed, an advantage is that the free version still allows a lot content to be created, especially if you know your subject well and if you condense information using the colour coding of cards, the nesting system and the arrows between each card!
The nice thing about maintaining it by a community is that just like on the google workspace you can choose all the users that have access to the map either by setting it “visible” or "modifiable"for each of the users (see screenshot).

The admin of that map can change the user’s accessibility anytime. So for instance we could set the map visible for a pool of people and then have a shared document with all proposed changes by the “suggesters”. Then the (smaller) pool of mappers could materialize these suggestions by themselves or through a common discord call for ex.

About exporting it: one can export any map with the export option and have that version in json format. Also, we have backups in our servers at IM, so no worries about this, we already made use of them.

About the coding language: what do you mean exactly ? That if we’d have to change the code of the software, and mix it with java it would be hard ? I’m not a technical expert here but I’m curious with what you mean.
Also, what do you mean with the card moving being clumsy ? could you develop a bit ?

Thanks for sharing the screenshot of the map! You are quite fast. I see that you played around with the colours, the arrows, the image integration, but you might have missed the scaling option as well, it’s quite handy to make the whole more visible. We’ve created a lot of tutorial videos about all the functionalities and the tips and tricks to work productively, see here: Infinity Maps Tutorial #1 - Quick Intro - English - YouTube

If you’re interested about neat maps, I’ve created some for a famous US neuroscientist and writer: Infinity Maps

Anyway, hope I could adress some of your points, I’d be glad to continue this thread.


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