Intentional Community or Eco-Village

For those using this method to bring about RBE we also need a map. I am currently going through the list of transitional communities to try and find out if any of them are transitioning ALL THE WAY to NO MONEY RBE.

People should try and join these groups particularly if the land is owned by a trust or non-profit. They can be expensive, look for those that accept Van dwellers or Shed Dwellers. And form your own non-profit to buy land.

Bezos, Gates, and others are BUYING ALL THE LAND. You can be sure that they will build something that most of us can not afford to live in and will grow food that most of us do not want.

We must occupy the dying and dead towns with desertified land and rebuild them with permaculture. Do NOT NEGLECT your NVC training. (non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg) This is a big reason we fail at these communities.
Look for “Area 420” on youtube. It gives good ideas on what we could do.

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