International ZDay 2021 (Mongolia)

In 2021 we’ll have another international ZDay event, this time in Mongolia. Please check this page for more information such as day, time, location. Visit this Facebook event for the online streaming details. If you have any questions, please visit this thread.

It will take place on 2021-11-27T14:00:00Z2021-11-27T18:00:00Z


@DerLink I assigned this topic to you, I know you’re not the organizer, but you’re the closest point of contact for this event on this forum :slight_smile:

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Definitely very interesting times, especially in Asia. No wonder they are finally organizing a global event for the movement there. :grinning:


I’m looking forward to the Zday event.
Obviously can’t make it in person.


Any updates on this ZDay? The Facebook event states it will be on October 1st? And the event will be 2 weeks in duration? There is also no address, for those who want to visit the event locally. What about a live stream URL? I’m not going to attend the event locally, we’re promoting sustainability :earth_africa: So I prefer a live stream :nerd_face:

An overview of the timetable, the presentation subjects and who will present them would be helpful to promote this event as well. It seems like there isn’t much info known in general, not only to me, but I suppose everyone that’s not in the inner circle.

Is this event still happening? It’s been a week without any communication or updates in the Facebook event. For now I’ll remove the banner of this event on the forum. I don’t want to promote an event that doesn’t have a point of contact or the full information available. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Please share it to us and the world once there is more info available then I’ll put the banner back.

Seems like there has been some activity, too bad this is done incommunicado. :slight_smile: I’ve updated the top post and I’ll put the event back as a banner. I’ll also add the event to the calendar as well, since we finally have a date available. However, all other information is still unknown… Hope this all will be available as soon as possible.

Updated poster available, with a location, date and time. No word yet about a live stream.

The full program is now available.

A live stream button has now been added to the Facebook event :slight_smile:

Hi @trust_level_0 (everyone), please checkout this topic about the upcoming global ZDay event! :earth_asia:

You’ll find all the information here such as:

  • Timetable
  • Date/time/location
  • Live streaming options