Is The Zeitgeist Movement A Cult?

Yes, it’s a carry on from the doom cults of the 1970s - peak oil, over population, “we need communism or the world is going to end” etc. All been said and done decades before. It’s the same irrational echo chamber only this time “peter joseph” took Jacque Fresco’s work and piggybacked off of it. “peter joseph” (not his real name) isn’t technical, has no qualifications in engineering or the sciences, and instead reduces all the world’s problems into a single word “capitalism” i.e me and you being able to trade for goods and services. You see, if we removed money from the equation, you can spend your life fixing my motorbike for free, and that would be better than me paying you for your valuable time and expertise.
And those materials we need for manufacturing? You can spend your life mining and processing that for free, because of course, it would be better without currency wouldn’t it.

Last time I read this type of rhetoric about TZM was around 2013 I think. What are you actually trying to say here? In part you don’t seem to get the train of thought and in part you just seem to be trolling. TZM doesn’t want to remove money. It wants to make it obsolete. The ideas of The Venus Project are unique, but also a collection of ideas from others. This is what Jacque also said, his ideas are just a collection of other ideas shaped in a new form. That’s also how he defines creativity.

I get the criticism. But let’s turn it around. What’s more utopian? An infinite growth economy that rewards behavior that results in ecological disaster (global warming, biodiversity loss, pollution) and reinforces societal problems (war, corruption, crime). Or a system based on what we actually have on this planet and use the best of science and technology to arrive at decisions by taking into account what the impact of those decisions are on the short and long term. Not based on opinions, but empirical information, peer reviewed by a society trained in science that has access to advanced research centers (true democracy).

Anyway, I don’t expect a normal dialogue with you about this. I’ve seen this play out numerous occasions.

I can see that your “brain” can’t connect (and) or comprehend: the concept of Market Economy, Planned Obsolescence, Science, Engineering, Basic Technological Progress in Human History and more.

You seem to have seen only a few memes, some weird documentaries on the social media and finally overly emotionally reacting in here: the sustainability advocacy group. We do not care too much about Peter Joseph. We and I care about the content, most of the time. Peter Joseph’s Books are technical enough for me, if you see something to improve on, go on. If you don’t - don’t get in the way and quote, source things that you see illogical here on the forum. We ain’t banning you or restricting you. That way, sooner or later we might actually get an Engineering and Redesign Institute up.

Well, how do you think the things are done today. Most people that do the mining for you, barely survives. With technical approach, the idea would not be to have as many slaves as possible, but to find a technical solution to ease the process to the point of thing achievable by benefit on both sides.

Now we have filled cities with useless gyms. What if we could all plan the work in a way, so we all would improve and do useful things before we almost completely make it cyclical, simple and requiring little to no energy. Human body is made for movement and doing things, not for depressive environments like today, where most people are on the verge of misery. Look at the Japan’s situation. Today is basicly anything better than the Market Economy: Capitalism and we don’t care about Market Economy: Communism. I care about NLRBE or "Natural Law Resource Based Economy ". Not some Market Economy: Communism or Market Economy: Socialism, or Market Economy: Annarchy. I really don’t care about any of these Market Economical modes. I’m not gamer of Market Economy. Thanks for understanding.

Humans are limited, their life span even more so. You want to damage them with shortsigness of some currency that they won’t ever spend in their lifetime and limit everyone else from having the what is needed for them. Luxury is really nothing more than social sickness if you actually technically look at it. Also, seems to be driven by self-maximisation and not too common in populations, mostly small cricles of few thousand well seen, out of billions of Humans. If you ever to give them what they actually want: quality experiences, you might soon realise that the need for Luxury is a myth. Especially in a population where things are in a good state, not the garbage that currenly Market Economy generates. Basicly everything is poluted by the Market Economy today, from Science, Education to the Engineering. So it seems like even the basic things of good life are unachievable.

Too tired to write more. If I missed anything you can tell. On the way to do some other things!

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If you think that’s what capitalism means you need to read and learn more about it, a lot more.