Is there a workable solution to social media misinformation?

The trick is – who gets to decide what is nonsense.

That’s indeed the tricky part. Because freedom of speech should remain intact, as long as it doesn’t go against any law. Shadow banning people because they are badly educated (that’s how I see it anyway) will just create a bubble in society where they will radicalize. I’ve already saw that in The Netherlands during corona and with the introduction of 5G. That will not do any good. We should keep the conversation going.

I think the best we can do is to make sure governments are kept in check. During corona we had a scientific council advising and correcting the pandemic policies. I think that worked quite well and seeing the scientific community talking directly to government officials in live streams and also holding press conferences was great, answering their questions and for some correcting their arguments was refreshing to see.

I wrote a blog about it, it’s in Dutch, but of course can be translated with many tools available.

If we have populist parties more in check because they are shown as idiots with their arguments about climate change, corona, 5G and whatnot, then you remove the credibility of their role model/messenger. Of course there may still be a crackpot podcaster out there, and that’s fine. We’re a free society. But at least in government, where it most matters, some public debates will go on correcting popular phrases that are false. That may trickle down to society. We also have a popular evening show in The Netherlands that does this quite well. But of course, we shouldn’t depend on talk shows for something like that. But it helps. Below is one episode, English subs can be enabled.