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Awesome, @CyberHerald :slight_smile:

Sadly, TVP has threatened legal action on the one who uploaded it, unless he took it down.
Greed and capitalism are the lifeblood of that organization.

I think that’s a bit too harsh, and like you mention yourself, there is no reason to believe it was taken down by TVP. :slight_smile: TVP does excellent work and most material is free to watch. And when it’s not, that’s okay too. They need to survive as well.

Nah, the uploaded contacted me, and told me it was a direct demand from a Venus Project official.

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It’s a recurring theme. The businessification of RBE-originating projects and organizations until nothing but a facade remains. I’ve seen it happen before many times and it was disheartening. People just can’t help themselves when it comes to money. And talk is cheap.

Everyone gladly talks the talk and pretends to be whatnot, but in the end almost no one walks the walk. And seldom anything gets done.


What would be a solution? To work fulltime on something like this, people still need an income. Also doing projects on a certain scale requires money as well. I’m not saying RBE projects should go full commercial. But you cannot fully exclude the money factor if you want to be effective. Resources still cost money.

We sometimes get comments like these at our ZDays as well. We charge an entrance fee, because a venue isn’t cheap, some speakers don’t come for free, promotion costs money, etc. And people then judge us for charging a fee to just cover the expenses. “Aren’t you against money?!” are the questions you then get as if all these things can materialize out of nowhere just because you set a goal to make money obsolete in the future.

Let’s not be too critical. TVP does a wonderful job. TZM isn’t active anymore. So let’s be critical about ourselves before we judge others :slight_smile: Let’s become the change.

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I’m not sure it can be done at all. It’s my true observation that commerce has eaten up many such projects. Capitalisms framework turned out to be just too convenient and they have become hollow. Just imitations of themselves like anything the money touches.

I’m okay with there being no way out, and no answer for that matter. And I will still say that both money and markets are beyond evil.

I’ll try and do my thing regardless, because what else would I do? With high probability I’ll fail. Just as everyone else, for there is no repairing the system from within the system. It’s not designed to do that.

Maybe it’s your environment? Here in nl there has been a lot of progress the past 10 years, without TZM. Government, municipalities, universities, NGOs and commercial companies are working on meaningful change. It’s still a race against time, but I see no reason to think it won’t work when I look at my local area.

I can’t really varify that, because your sources are in dutch. Glad it works out for nl. Unfortunately for much of the world it’s shit and getting shittier year by year.

One problem with capitalism is that few countries live on the back of the rest of the world. Netherlands being one of the former capitalist empires (the first to have reserve currency and stock exchange for that matter) being one of the most priviledged.
On the other hand not every government even wants to think of sharing the aforementioned resources with people in reasonable, sustainable way - take States, UK or recently Canada for that matter.

I get that initiatives failing might be due to regions particular “flavor”. It’s just that I don’t see dutch govermnent taking over global leadership and fixing stuff in the near future. Nor would it work with the resources they would suddenly have per capita to take care for everyone.

The Netherlands isn’t the only place on Earth working on this. I find some comments a bit pessimistic. Valid progress is made :slight_smile:

Check some of the Drift and Metabolic reports in News there are more. But these are the best. They are mostly in English. But Google Translate works fine too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link.

As always I’ll hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Thus remaining skeptical. :slight_smile:

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Motion for Thread Title change? Other passer-bys might come in to expect the integration but to read otherwise…

Revolution Now!,

The title and text are not posted by a human here on the forum :slight_smile: We have several RSS feeds integrated into the forum, “this site” is therefore relative. “This site” is the website where we get the RSS feed from, not the forum you’re visiting here.

But I can change the title. The bot will repost the topic though. I will hide that new one here on the forum, so there won’t actually be a repost. Downside is that new content won’t automatically show up here on the forum. That sync is then disconnected for this topic.

It’s a tradeoff :slight_smile: Let me know what you think and what kind of title you have in mind.

brother @CyberHerald , _ propose Jacque Fresco-edu website as thread tite change on the new repost that will surface by brother @Kees of the admin moves he is able to take to cede to my request earlier

May _ add? brother @Bahusson @CyberHerald , from a PR lens any being that has leanings with TVP might sour with your comments made freely earlier, there is weight to your words and yes my request may be taken as a form of censorship but whichever the outcome it has to be with the agreement from you both, especially @CyberHerald who has done all the efforts and got shot down by TVP official Gootube channel

Revolution Now!,