Japan’s population drops by 644,000 in a single year

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Not sure if culture_in_decline is the right tag for this :slight_smile: Since population decline should be celebrated. In developed countries this is a continued trend because people have more to live for than just having a family. There are of course also other reasons, such as lower fertility due to pollution or people simply not having the money and time for a family. But overall I think a population decline would be for the better. Of course, in a natural way, I’m not advocating mass murder :nerd_face:

Population in decline == culture in decline. But yeah I’ll remove the tag.
Although it can be even interpreted as self destructive culture decline.

I think the word decline is the only common factor. Small(er) communities can have a rich culture too :sunglasses: I would say exponential population growth is going to create a cultural zeitgeist of more scarcity and thus more social damage and conflict. Hopefully humanity will turn out just fine, no matter what population we’ll have. :slight_smile: