Libertarian Degrowth: Anarcho-Syndicalist Paths for a Just Degrowth Transition

Degrowth is composed of various political and economic configurations, which illustrate a plurality of degrowth imaginaries. This plurality of degrowth imaginaries entails diverse strategies and tools. One of such tools are trade unions, with which the degrowth literature has already engaged (Barca & Leonardi, 2018). However, there’s a notable gap in the literature regarding a very unique and different type of trade unionism: anarcho-syndicalism. My thesis attempted to fill this gap and focused on the potential role of anarcho-syndicalist trade unions in the degrowth transition. In particular, it analyzed the engagement with ecosocial transitions of two anarcho-syndicalist trade unions in Catalunya: the Confederació Nacional del Treball (National Confederacy of Work – CNT) and the Confederació General del Treball (General Confederacy of Work – CGT).

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